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CanDo is distributed as shareware. You can evaluate it for 30 days. When the evaluation period expires you will see reminder screens which can be removed by purchasing a registration key. You do not need to download a new copy of the software.

CanDo is distributed as a zip file containing the application (CanDo.prc) and the user manual. Click on the link below to download the latest production release. You may also want to check out the BETA preview page.

CanDo_v1.5.zip (180k)

Please visit the Buy Online page for details of purchase procedures and pricing.

Revision History

1.5 19-Jul-08
- Fixed various redraw problems when using shaded rows.
- Fixed keyword "whole word match" logic for keyword at end of line.

1.4a 29-Nov-07
- Changed to support new fulfillment process at reseller website.

1.4 04-Aug-07
- Added option to show item count next to the category name.
- Added option to shade alternate rows (on colour devices).
- Added option to use 5-way to shift cursor left/right (on form nav devices).
- Move some preferences to be global rather than saved "per-view".
- Completion date field is now supported (for devices with the new Tasks DB).

1.3d 25-Jun-05
- Fixed problem synchronising task notes with Outlook (only affects devices with the new Tasks DB).

1.3c 27-Feb-05
- Fixed problem when running on device with new Tasks DB (e.g. Tungsten T5) which could cause duplicate records to appear after hotsync.

1.3b 06-Feb-05
- Fix Tungsten T5 freezes by direct access to new Tasks DB.
- Restore fullscreen if resize due to closing slider on T3.

1.3a 21-Dec-04
- Fixed sort bug when changing category from details dialog.
- Fixed Tungsten T5 up/down keys in details dialog.
- Ensure that DB is re-sorted if modified by Tasks app.

1.3 17-Dec-04
- Added automatic sort by description (previously manual).
- Extended description/date/category/priority sort options.
- Added capability to create a new item directly from paste.
- Fixed incorrect umbrella indicator after switching views.
- Fixed "invisible" note indicator where no note existed.
- Fixed excessive scrolling when top item is marked "done".
- Fixed highlighting of note icon for multi-line tasks.
- Fixed Tungsten T5 crash when a record is deleted.
- Fixed Tungsten T5 crash when device is powered-on.

1.2a 31-May-04
- Added Clie virtual silk screen support (TH55, NR70, UX50, etc).
- Added Clie jog dial navigator support.
- Added hi-res large icon.
- Fixed saved view dialog bug when no saved views present.

1.2 15-Mar-04
- Added support for Palm 320x480 hi-res (Tungsten T3).
- Added Palm 5-way navigator support.
- Added hi-res colour note icon.

1.1b 25-Jan-04
- Fixed details dialog error when using long category names.
- Fixed "Attach Note" selection bug (introduced in v1.1a).
- Improved robustness if an out-of-range priority is found.

1.1a 14-Jan-04
- Fixed redraw problems when running on OS5 devices.

1.1 02-Jan-04
- Added option to filter items by text string / keyword.
- Added alphabetic sorting by item description.
- Allowed startup category to be defined for a saved view.
- Enhanced "detail" dialog incl. description/note text.
- Added review mode (up/down key while showing "detail").
- Added "duplicate item" capability.
- Count number of items (press "detail" with no selection).
- Added option to rename saved views.
- Enhanced date dropdown list (day after tomorrow, etc).
- Added date change buttons to "detail" dialog (-1,+1,etc).
- Fixed locked cycling bugs triggered when switching views.
- Other minor bug fixes.

1.0a 12-Dec-03
- Fixed fatal error when running with small fonts.

1.0 24-Aug-03
- Initial release.

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